September 30, 2023



3 Reasons To See A Chiropractor During Pregnancy

Every mother longs to hold her bundle of joy in her hands after nine long...

Every mother longs to hold her bundle of joy in her hands after nine long months of waiting. Pregnancy is a life-altering season that has its good and bad moments. As the baby grows inside the mother’s womb, she experiences several hormonal changes that cause discomfort and pain.

In such moments, chiropractor for pregnancy services can come in handy for expectant mothers. Many mothers have reaped the benefits of Los Gatos chiropractor in every stage of the pregnancy. Pre-conception, pregnancy, labor period, and postpartum are stages that help can be more bearable with the expertise of a chiropractor near you.

Let’s delve into the benefits of this practice.

  1. Helps with pregnancy-related pain and discomfort

Many women experience back pain at various stages of their pregnancy. Many depend on friends and relatives to rub their back if only to get some relief.  Whereas some pain and ache is normal, a chiropractor can focus on the root of the pain and give it the appropriate treatment to:

  • A chiropractor helps maintain a healthier, less stressful pregnancy
  • Helps relieve back, hips, joints, and neck pains
  • Help to control symptoms of nausea

Chiropractic care helps to establish a pelvic balance that allows more space for the growing fetus in the womb. Consequently, this may lead to faster, less painful pregnancy and delivery.

A pelvis that is out of alignment can make it hard for the fetus to move in the best birth position. The chiropractor allows the baby to be rear-facing and head down during birth.

It is advisable to talk to your doctor before beginning your sessions with the chiropractor.

  1. Quick postpartum recovery

A woman’s body undergoes significant changes during and after givingbirth. The pelvic and the spine are ever under pressure as the growing baby adds weight.

The pressure asserted at the pelvic floor can make sitting, walking, bending, or sleeping unbearable. And because the body is not used to the drastic changes happening in the body, chiropractor’s advice and therapy can help the body heal faster and in an efficient way.

The chiropractor may use hot or cold therapies, some adjustments, and stretches to help your body recover from childbirth.

Chiropractic intervention also helps to lower the probability of developing postpartum depression associated with childbirth. It is a non-invasive, drugs-free, natural, and holistic treatment option during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

  1. Shortens labor period and pain

Many women dread childbirth because of the pain associated with delivery. A prolonged labor period can cause the loss of the baby. However, chiropractor for fertility is an option that such mothers seek when they plan to get pregnant.

Chiropractic intervention can reduce the possibility of giving birth through caesarean section because it solves musculoskeletal issues. Chiropractic adjustments also help to align the pelvic bones and the backbone.

Proper alignment of these two factors can help to position the baby during delivery. Labor pain is significantly reduced too.

Added Benefits for Chiropractic treatment

  • Less swelling or edema
  • Better sleep and restful nights
  • Reduced nausea
  • Fewer headaches and migraines
  • Reduced complications during labor
  • Faster delivery

How often should you see a chiropractor?

This a question of choice and decision for most mothers. Schedule several sessions in the third trimester to prepare the body for delivery.


It is important to embrace recommended therapies and treatments that can ease the discomfort associated with childbirth. Consult your doctor when before you can begin your sessions